“I've transformed over 900 graffiti Spray cans

into 21 000++ roses.”

As a sustainably conscious artist passionate about street art & urban movements, I feel sad to see that spray cans are left behind in the nature. 
I want to change this, by finding purpose for the empty spray can. With curiosity to explore the possibilities of the spray cans I cut them open and discovered the colorful potential they offer.

During the artistic process the daughter-project "Rescued Paint" was born. I use the leftover paint by popping the cans, the pressure and gas create a burst of color that is saved on canvas, walls, bags, skateboards, and helmets to give them colors that would have otherwise been forgotten.

It’s like poetry to me to find unexpected resources in our environment and turn them into something desirable.

Photo by : Adrian Chitty

Photo by : Adrian Chitty