As a sustainably conscious artist
passionate about street art & urban movements, 
I FEEL shame that Spray cans are left behind in the nature. 
I want to change that,
By finding purpose for the empty spray can.

For this project, I was curious to explore the possibilities of the spray cans. That’s how I started to open them, cut them, see what was inside to discover the potential they offer in terms of creation.

Also, as I strive to recycle everything, I created a sub-project called "Rescued Paint" where I used all the leftover paint in the cans on skateboards, bags and helmets to give them colours that would have otherwise been forgotten.

Since I started I've used more than 900 cans to create more than 21000 roses.

It has been a lengthy process but definitely worth it!


I want to find unexpected resources in the world around us. When people talk about sustainable development or design, the concept of ‘cradle to cradle’ is continuously mentioned. This means that a product should be conceptualized in order to be used again, instead of being disposable and becoming waste.