beauty within  disregarded material




Sarah Button (1990) is an independent artist born in Gothenburg, yet grew up between the United States, South Africa and Sweden.
With varying upbringing and studies, she is constantly searching for forms of expression and purpose in discarded material; From dried flower bouquets to industrial metal waste.

She has strong ambitions to take creative responsibility
towards a positive change.




Malmö Gallery Night, 30 Sept 2017

Why Graffiti?
Växjö Konsthall, 30 June - 10 Sept 2017

"Övergivna Färger"
Solo Exhibition at Gallery Frank
Malmö, June 2017

Graffiti Wall of Fame
Stockholm, 26-28 May 2017

Chelsea Flower Show
London, 23-27 May 2017

”Vass Kontrast” 
Eskilstuna, Mars 2017

Alternativa Julmarknaden
Lund, November 2016

Emmaus Remake 
Lund, November 2016

Expansion, Inkonst
Malmö, 21-23 Oktober, 2016

Öppet Galleri
Galleri Frank, Malmö, 12-14 Augusti, 2016

Metamorphos Feminist Design & Art market
Gothenburg, Mars, 2016

Eskilstuna, November 2013.

”Julitas Trädgård under 500 år” 
Julita, Nordic Museum, Juni 2013.

”På väg åt rätt håll – ett hållbart projekt”
Länstrafiken Sörmland & Veolia Transport, Eskilstuna, April 2013.

”Årets Julgran”
Munktell Science Park, Eskilstuna, December 2012.  


Creative Business
Hellidens Community College, Tidaholm, 2016-2017

Design for Sustainable Development
Malmö University, Malmö 2014

Recycle Design, 
Eskilstuna Community College, Eskilstuna 2013-2014

Media & Visual Communication,
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia, 2011

Interaction Design,
Malmö University, Malmö 2009-2012


Events 2017

Chelsea Flower Show


23-27 May 2017 


World-renowned garden designers, plant specialists, florists and nurseries come together every year to one of London's most charming and affluent neighbourhoods to show off cutting-edge garden designs and inspirational floral exhibits.

Stroll through show-stopping and award-winning gardens. Discover rare flowers and plants. Spot emerging gardening trends. See creative floral artworks and unusual displays. And browse the horticultural products on sale, from gardening gadgets to sculptures and plants.

The garden design equivalent to Paris Fashion Week, the show attracts more than 150,000 visitors each year, including members of the Royal Family.

Wall of Fame


26-28 May 2017


Three days of fun with Graffiti & Street Art at Snösätra; Scandinavias largest Graffiti Festival by Snösätra kultur, in collaboration with StreetCorner.

Gallery Frank


9-16 June 2017

Sarah Buttons first Solo Exhibition, proudly presented by Gallery FRANK in Malmö. 

We invite you to experience a captivating form of expression from the spray can - explosive colors in the form of spatial sculptures, paintings with rescued spray paint and interactive works from the disassembled spray can.



30 June - 10 Sept 2017

Urban art has a long history and is created just like other arts and cultural forms in its context and in different forms of society and events. Artists have always borrowed from the street. Now the street have been established in the art rooms. In the exhibition Why Graffiti? Växjö konsthall has invited a number of norm-breaking street artists who highlight different aspirations, sacrifices and behind the curtains of illegal urban art.